Custom Features and Applications

Working Systems understands every union office operates differently with unique rules and preferences, and we have built various custom software tools and features for LaborPower® including:

Business Agent Mobile App

Let your business representatives access member and employer data from their mobile device.

Email and Text Blasts

Stay in touch with selected groups (or all) of your members by email or text, fast!

Automated Reports

Have reports you want to review periodically? We can send them to you via email.

Registration and Attendance Tracking

Track who registers and attends your union events (meetings, elections, volunteer events, demonstrations, etc).

Label and Envelope Printing

Print envelopes or labels with or without barcodes for individuals or groups of members, employers, grievances or stake-holders.


Record grievances exactly how your contracts stipulate: steps, names, dates, deadlines.

Communications with Stakeholders

Track stake-holders - family, supporters, press, elected officials, and more.

Staff Task Assignment

Create tasks and assign them to individual staff members.


Setup reminders to do important tasks: (Run reports, arrears processing, billing, etc.).

Political Action

Contact members in selected congressional, state, and local political districts through address matching.

Go Paperless

Store emails and documents by Scannning or Drag’n’drop and associate with members, employers, dispatches or grievances.

Integrate with Third Party software

Integrate LaborPower with your existing website or other database software using an API.

Import Dues and Other Data

Eliminate data entry time and errors by importing payments electronically.