About Us

Working Systems began in 1995 based on the belief that Labor Unions are one of the best ways for workers to organize and sought to build custom software to fit their needs. All employees of Working Systems are union members of CWA Local 7804. Working Systems transitioned to a worker-owned cooperative model in 2019 and we are now known as Working Systems Cooperative.

Our flagship suite of LaborPower® products supports more than five hundred union locals throughout North America. Over a million union members rely on LaborPower daily, as we work with organizations such as AFSCME, ATU, IBB, IBEW, ILWU, IUPAT, MEBA, MMP, SEIU, UA, WGA, and others.

Vision Statement

Organized labor furthers its role as the leading force for worker rights and social justice, improving the lives of our clients and our communities.

Mission Statement

Empowering organized labor with exceptional software while modeling a worker-focused, democratic organization.

We Value

  • Reliability.
  • Going the extra mile.
  • Maintaining personal connections with clients, by listening and focusing on their needs.
  • Planning and building for a sustainable future.
  • Fulfilling work as a component of a balanced life.
  • All workers having an equal say in the business, participating collaboratively, and supporting one another.
  • Educating and empowering our clients through quality relationships and quality software.
  • Serving the health of our environment and our community.
  • Addressing worker needs with a comprehensive focus on health and happiness.