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101 N Capitol Way Suite 302, Olympia, WA 98501; Phone:  360-943-7640; Fax:  (360) 943-0596; Toll Free Fax: 866-943-0596

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Working Systems, Inc Has The Expertise Your Local Requires

Working Systems Inc.   101 N Capitol Way - Suite 302  Olympia, WA 98501  Phone: (360) 943-7640  Toll-Free 866-396-6767  Fax: (360) 943-0596  

Since its founding in 1995, WSI has worked with a wide array of Local and International Unions in the United States and Canada. Our staff have years of experience in software development and specification requirement gathering. Additionally, we understand the business of managing unions, handling dispatching, labor organizing, and running training and apprenticeship programs. We know the business of unions, and when locals talk, we listen, and deliver.
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