LaborPower Express Add-Ons

Discover all of the great enhancements you get with optional (but very powerful) add-ons for LaborPower Express.

Web-Based Dispatch

Offer your members the convenience of online re-sign, job review, and even job-bidding. Directly integrates with your LPX database.

Online Dues Processing

Let your members pay dues online quickly and easily, and remove the neeed to process payments manually in LPX.

Address Verification

Ensure your member addresses are US Postal Service compliant, complete with automatic ZIP Plus Four lookups which reduce the cost of bulk mailings.

Member Districting

Target your political action mailings for statewide and local elections. Our districting module allows you to link member addresses to many types of districts.

Bulk Email & Texting

Save money on stamps and the time it takes to stuff envelopes. Communicate direct to your members fast and easy, using technology they already use daily.

Offsite Data Backup

Never worry about your data being lost. Every change is synchronized with a remote backup server.

Mobile Application

Let your members re-sign, pay dues and bid on jobs from their iOS or Android device.

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