About WSI

Working Systems Inc is Organized to Help Labor Unions Organize

Established in 1995 to serve labor unions exclusively, Working Systems Inc. delivers superior software solutions for Organized Labor throughout the United States and Canada. Our products are in use by over 750 Locals from more than 25 different labor unions, serving over a million members.

Everyone Working at WSI is a Union Member

Our software is created and supported under a collective bargaining agreement with CWA 7810; we employ no 'perma-temps' or 'offshore' programmers. We know organized labor and are dedicated to the promotion and growth of labor. To that end, we continually research, test new tools and methods of software development and enhancement, harnessing cutting-edge technology to work for our union partners.

Working Systems doesn't stop with software; we offer training, support and programming customizations as well.

Union locals talk, we listen and deliver.