A suite of desktop and web applications
that integrates Local Union activities
within one database

  • ● Membership / Dues Tracking
  • ● Job Dispatching
  • ● Contracts and Agreements
  • ● Contractors / Employers
  • ● Employment Hours and Wages
  • ● Grievance Processing
  • ● Organizing
  • ● Apprentice Training and Education

The best choice for Union Software
  • ● Logical integration of all
    membership/contractor/contract data
  • ● Secure web access for members,
    contractors, business reps, organizers
  • ● Electronic import of payroll data
  • ● Automated, personalized letters or
    emails to members
  • ● ID Cards coded for scanning/swiping
  • ● Custom and ad hoc reporting
  • ● Record Auditing

About LaborPower®

LaborPower® software was developed by Working Systems Inc. using specifications taken from Union Locals and provides complete solutions to Organized Labor requirements. Dues and Membership Tracking, Job Dispatch, Apprentice Training and Education, Grievance and Organizing. Along with personal computer based software to use in your local's offices, LaborPower® Web components make it possible for your members and partner contractors to access their account securely over the internet including the LaborPower® Smart Phone app. Using LaborPower® your members can pay dues, view and print employment history, bid for work, and more. There are also web components for organizing and apprentice or night school class enrollment.

LaborPower® Products

Make your membership and dues tracking software match the way you do business, not the other way around. LaborPower® Dues makes it easy to handle any type of payment structure and membership tracking you want to use.  

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Job Referral was designed to offer a complete system Local Unions can use to dispatch jobs efficiently, while following all the rules unique to your Local.  

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LaborPower® Web
LaborPower® Web Modules allow your members to pay dues on-line, view/bid on open jobs, view their own employment history, edit their personal information, and much more...   

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Apprentice & Education
Whether it's viewing a class roster, tracking attendance, calculating grades, or creating a class or school transcript, the rich features of LaborPower® Apprentice & Education help you every step of the way 

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