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LaborPower® Web

Whether it's providing the best possible service to your members, streamlining your dispatch operations, getting your members into an available job quickly, or giving your members the convenience of paying dues on-line, LaborPower® Web gives you what it takes to get the job done right. You are in charge of who can connect, and what options are available. And with secure connections tied to your LaborPower® data, you and your members can access information in real time over the web

  • Member and Local Information
    • View/Edit Personal Information
      • Save your staff time by letting members view and update their address, phone numbers and contact preferences. Changes made by
        members still need to be reviewed and accepted by someone in the Local office with an easy one-click process.
    • Work History
      • Let your applicants view and print their own work history.
  • Job Dispatch
    • Out of Work Lists:
      • Applicants who are registered to an out-of-work list can review their registration information, including current position number, strikes,
        re-sign date, etc.
    • Re-Sign:
      • Configure the user-friendly options on each book to allow on-line re-sign.
      • Users will receive an emailed receipt.
    • Open Jobs:
      • Allow applicants to view details for open jobs and optionally "bid" for jobs in priority order.
      • The Dispatcher will see the results of who has bid on-line, including the jobs preferences, all without any data-entry!
  • Dues Payments
    • Pay On-Line
      • Members use a secure login to pay basic dues, working dues, or make miscellaneous purchases via credit card or check.
      • All International and Local Union rules are applied.
      • On-Line transactions create transaction records in LaborPower®.
      • Receipts can be printed and mailed from your office.
  • Smart Phone/Tablet Application
    • Latest LaborPower® addition!
      • Allows your business agents to retrieve critical membership data while in the field.
      • Allows your members to view open jobs when they are away from home.
Free, On-line LaborPower Demos can be arranged by calling 888-717-9656 between 8 and 5 PST Or send us an email:

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