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LaborPower® Dues

Make your membership and dues tracking software match the way you do business, not the other way around. LaborPower® Dues makes it easy to handle any type of payment structure you want to use.

  • Payment Processing
    • Flexible Charges
      • Set up your charges the way you want. LaborPower® Dues tracks any charges you collect from members, and
        can handle any type of formula for calculating the correct amount for each member.
      • Create member charges on-the-fly for individual members, or in advance using a batch process.
      • Allow incremental payments on large charges.
      • Track down delinquent members with LaborPower®'s flagging and billing features.
    • Importing Payment Data
      • Tired of spending hours each month recording payments one at a time? LaborPower® Dues software can
        import payment files provided by contractors, banks or websites, eliminating tedious hand-entering from
        a company payroll sheet.
  • Reporting
    • Standard and Custom Reports
      • Our drag-and-drop report-writer allows Local office staff to create simple reports, labels, compile addresses for
        speedy bulk emailing, targeted mailing labels, mail merge and more.
      • Create, save and access custom reports effortlessly.
    • Mail Merge
      • Form letters can be automatically merged in MS Word to be printed or emailed.
      • You can stay in touch with members or send an important message to a group of members based on
        criteria selected by your local union.
    • Go Paperless
      • Stop the clutter and store your documents electronically.
      • LaborPower® allows you to scan, store and attach all your member-related documents.
  • Storage and Recordkeeping
    • Limitless Data Volume
      • LaborPower® Dues provides efficient fast data storage, with no limitation on data volume
        that plagues older, smaller database systems.
      • Optional backup and storage available.
  • Remote Office and Web Access
    • Work while away from the office with Remote Access
      • LaborPower® is compatible with most forms of remote access allowing your staff access to membership
        data from anywhere— branch office, home, on the road.
    • Web Module
      • Allow members to view their personal information and pay their dues from home.
      • Publish news & notices.
  • Application Security
    • All parts of security can be customized by you.
    • The application can have any field or form control secured to allow only designated logins to have access.
Free, On-line LaborPower Demos can be arranged by calling 888-717-9656 between 8 and 5 PST Or send us an email:

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