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LaborPower® Apprentice & Education
If you run a training center, you know how complicated it can be to manage. So does LaborPower. Whether it's seeing a class roster, tracking attendance, calculating grades, or creating a class or school transcript, the rich features of LaborPower® Apprentice & Education help you every step of the way. Take a look at what Apprentice can do, or call for a free on-line demonstration.


  • Tracking Apprentices
    • Multiple ways to manage
      • Manage student/trainee information with unlimited notes, and record any number of classes along with class attendance and grade.
      • Chart work history: hours and wage rates, and changes in status.
      • Track Employer data including multiple employer offices and contacts, notes, and employee lists.
    • Manages Education and Training
      • Track registration, attendance and grades for anyone.
      • Classes are arranged in Sequences (sets of courses), Class Types (specific kinds of courses offered regularly) and individual (unique) classes.
      • Print class rosters and attendance sheets.
      • Maintain waiting list for prospective students.
    • Setup and Manage Classes
      • create classes, including class rosters, class times and days, attendance lists, and an evaluation.
      • For each class, the user can enter any number of types of evaluation (tests, quizzes, etc) and any number of individual items.
      • Scores can be weighted and averaged several ways, and classes can employ different user-created grading scales.
    • Application Security
      • All parts of security can be customized by you.
      • The application can have any field or form control secured to allow only designated logins to have access.
    • Reports
      • Two integrated report-writing programs, let you creat simple queries in a table format, or complex reports with totals, graphics, and calculations.
    • LaborPower® Integration
      • You can share a database with LaborPower® applications for dues, membership, and job dispatching.
Free, On-line LaborPower Demos can be arranged by calling 888-717-9656 between 8 and 5 PST Or send us an email:

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