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LaborPower® Express - Advanced Training and Customization

Working Systems will offer advanced training and customization for local unions. If your local union is interested Contact LP Express .

    LaborPower® Express Training

      Working Systems offers customized training sessions for individual Local Unions, where the subject matter, discussion and questions can be tailored to the specific needs of your Local. Custom Local training sessions are offered in two-hour blocks, and you can decide how much time to spend on each topic. You can sub-divide your time block between different user groups in your office (office staff, dispatcher(s), business agents, etc.). Popular advanced topics include Dispatch, Reports, Merge Letters, Blast Email, and more. For locals with extensive needs, 1-2 day onsite trainings are available on as-needed basis.
    LaborPower® Express Reports

      Custom reports created in the ICS program cannot be automatically converted into working reports in the new LaborPower® Express program. Working Systems works with office to convert advanced custom reports created with ICS, custom report training, or custom report development. Our rate of $125 per hour applies for report conversion, writing or training.

    Customize LaborPower® Express

      Do you have membership, dues, contractor, or dispatch related-data you need to track that is not easily integrated into LaborPower Express? LaborPower Express can be customized for individual Locals. Screen layouts can be modified, charge calculations can be customized, electronic import processes can be configured and dispatch procedures can be incorporated into your own custom version of LaborPower Express.
      • Organizing
      • Market Recovery
      • Vacation Fund System
      • EPR Live trust imports
      • Voter Eligibility
      • Ballot Processing
      • Automated Meeting Attendance Tracking
      • Apprentice Tracking (including Applications, Class Signups, Grades and Attendance)

    Optional Web Features

      With a secure connection to your LaborPower Express data, your members can access information in "real time" over the web. Working Systems offers customized web modules as a monthly service. With secure login, you can determine who can access your web modules and exactly what features you want to provide. WSI can provide any custom web functionality your local envisions to allow you leading edge technology to efficiently manage your membership needs. For more information and a cost estimate, please contact LPX Support at Contact LP Express .
      • Dues Payments On-line
      • Out-Of-Work Lists
      • View and Bid On Jobs
      • Employer Job Requests
      • Membership Application for Travelers
      • On-line Re-sign
      • Work History Reports
      • Updating Personal Information (email address, phone numbers and addresses)
      • Organizing
      • Grievance Tracking

    If you can envision it, WSI can make it happen. For more information and a cost estimate Contact LP Express .
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