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LaborPower® Express - Advanced Packages

Working Systems plans to offer custom program features and websites for local unions. These services will be available in two levels – Plus and Premium – and will require a monthly fee and initial setup charge. If your local union is interested Contact LP Express .

  • LP Express Plus:
    • The Plus level will allow local unions to have website features, added program features, and the capability for customizing program screens and features
      • Customizations to LP Express (additional hourly charges will apply).
        • Changes to program screens and processing.
        • New fields and custom features for your local.
      • Hosted Website (smart phone compatible)
        • See open jobs.
        • View member status.
        • Allow union staff access to view member record on phone.
        • View national map of jobs dispatched in last week by local (local can opt in).
        • Collect data to detect double booking (local can opt in).
      • Address Correction in real-time in LP Express.

  • LP Express Premium
    • The premium level will include all Plus Level services, and will allow local unions to have customized, advanced website and additional program features
      • Live Hosted Website With Member Data(additional hourly charges will apply)
        • Dues Payments on-line, automatically entered into LaborPower® Express.
        • On-line job bidding (member shows interest in individual jobs).
        • On-line Re-sign.
        • View and submit changes to member information.
        • Employer login to submit job requests.
        • Provide data to your own site in real-time if desired.
        • Content management system so you can change information on web site(WordPress compatible).
      • Added Features in LaborPower® Express
        • Batch Text / Tweet.
        • Auto Backup to WSI / Cloud.
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