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LaborPower® Express

Some of the new and Improved Features of LaborPower® Express
  • Integration with Microsoft Desktop products (Email, Merge Letters, Excel)
  • Easy document storage with scanning and drag/drop.
  • Associate documents with members, employers, referrals, grievances.
  • Enhanced search and auditing features.
  • Persistent / Recurring charges and fees.
  • Referral/Dispatch: Book Names; Referral Status Codes; Batch Strikes; Auto-drop; Extensive audit history.
  • Payroll Deduction spreadsheet entry / edit; Import electronic data.
  • Use of Infra-red scanners with IBEW ID Cards to initiate member lookup or payments.
  • Generate E-Receipts for BA members.
  • User choice what fields to display from ICS and where.
  • Adjustable screen resolution.
  • Increased field sizes for codes (Job Classification, Skills, etc).
  • Unlimited data volume (no more archiving payments or members).
  • Immediate "posting" of payments.
  • More Spare fields.

LaborPower® Express Optional Add-on Features
  • Members-only web access (online dues payments, referral jobs , referral re-sign).
  • Smart-phone application for Business Representatives to access membership data.
  • Automated off-site data backup.
  • USPS address verification.
  • Batch Text/Tweet/Email.
  • Customize user-interface and rules for Local specific needs.
  • Auto-update of National Job Board.
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